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A well-designed school can not only attract the right staff and pupils but by providing better facilities, it can make a school the more attractive proposition for parents. Designing for education is constantly evolving with new developments in teaching methods, with their related functions and requirements greatly affecting planning for key spaces and even furniture layouts.Research into child development and career opportunities is changing the focus from traditional teaching methods to a more fluid continual style involving transformable flexible spaces. 

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'Lisa's work with St Columba has enabled us to develop a theme in the appearance and design of key buildings on campus. Her advice has allowed us to create spaces that that reflect the school's vision for excellence and has enhanced the visual and functional use of our learning spaces. Her input in the creation of the Iona Performing Arts Centre and the redesign of the Dawson Library and Columba Cottage Early Learning Centre have been key components in the creation of vibrant learning spaces that have enhanced the experience of our students and their families.'

Terry Muldoon 


St Columba Anglican School