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Colour selection can be scary...

When you look at a professional colour selection fan deck or go to the paint shop to browse the colour ranges can be daunting to say the least right? Some people say it's downright intimidating! I'm not surprised they feel that way!

The Dulux colour wall at the Inspirations Shop in Port Macquarie (Cnr Barton Cres and Lake Rd) is where I recommend that you go for a preview of colours or to buy your Dulux quality paint. They will give you the friendliest and most personal service you'll find anywhere else plus the most amazing product knowledge....The average colour wall has over 1000 colours on display and if you look at the Dulux Atlas, there's about another 2000 colours or more to choose from there. Wooohooo! That is a lot of choice, yes?

Does choosing the right colour colour really matter you ask? Well of course I'm going to say yes....After being in Interior Design and colour selection for around 20 years, I can confidently say that there are many factors that are taken into consideration when I select a colour:

> Light levels in the space and aspect.

> Longevity of the colour - avoiding trends and using colours that are unique or subtle to create a point of difference.

> Other factors like artwork or existing furnishings.

> Keep a relaxed feel for the space (don't get too matchy with colour).

> Custom dictates that small, dark rooms should be painted white to maximise the feeling of space. However, this doesn’t always work to lighten and brighten a space. If there’s little natural light to begin with, whitewashing a room can make it look even more dim depressing or super bland.

> Take into consideration the client's decorating style and personal preferences - I try to get to know my client through probing and observation so that I can get the colour just right and make it a more personal result.

> Consider opportunities to create depth or interest in the space.

I found the image below particularly amusing... when my client says that they love 'blue' or 'green', there is still a lot of room for variation within that simple description.

Not to fear, a bit more probing and I can get that perfect colour in the bag!

The image suggests that we artists/ designer types are not 'Normal People' ???


Did you know that professional domestic colour selection is done right there with the client in consultation. I write a detailed document outlining the colours, their code, type of paint and specific location including trims, walls, doors, architraves, frames. (Don't forget that Interior Designers do exteriors too). The result is a detailed colour report or specification - give a copy to your painter and keep a copy for future touch ups.

I also order A4 colour samples for my clients so that they can properly judge the colours. (Those pesky colour samples from the paint shop are too small aren't they?)

Oh yeah, before I go I must point out the importance of not buying your paint in a different brand...While some painters will tell you it's OK to buy a Dulux colour in another brand, I believe it to be a big mistake and strongly beg to differ!

If you want the best coverage, the most accurate colour reproduction, and the most durable long lasting washable finish, use only Dulux quality paints for your project.

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