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'State of the art' school library - better student engagement.

I've been back at Saint Columba Anglican School again after my recent library refurbishment to make some finishing touches and they asked me to help with display and presentation guidance. It was my great pleasure to delve into my old skill set from years working at David Jones as a display artist through the 90's.

The session was delivered to a group of library staff and associated people to get their creative juices going in relation to the importance of making school library spaces engaging and fun for kids.

Display strategy is key and doesn't differ that much to retail strategy in principle. Its all about clear messages, themed displays that are interesting, engaging and informative for the students.

Techniques to increase repeat visitation to the library and discovering ways to really help kids understand the benefits of reading and help them to appreciate the world of books and to understand the technology and other associated library activities and services on offer.

The session was very well received and with overflowing creative ideas and theme ideas, the team wandered off to plan their new displays and events for the space.

I suggest that the kids at SCAS prepare for a new inspiring offer in their library very soon.

I love my work!

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