Commercial Interior Design know how

How Visual Edge creates environments that engage, empower and inspire people to do their best, most satisfying work. ​

End Purpose In Mind

Preparing and developing a robust, sharp brief is the key to designs that ignite that spark of recognition in the key decision makers. By taking the time and asking all the right questions to delve into the “why” behind the “what” will reveal the best functional solutions. It is around these key pieces of information that interior designers will create an original brand fit environment in which a business can thrive.

Effective interior designs are conceived with the clients end-purpose in mind and encompass various disciplines from conceptual and developmental to architectural and interior.


'Design is my talent, my passion and the reason I'm still here giving the Mid North Coast a face lift from the inside out after 18 and a half years!'

- Lisa Christie


The devil is in the detail

Every detail must be attended to for commercial Interior Design projects. Spatial planning and test fits are a great way of guaranteeing that designs are worth more than the paper they’re drawn on – they must look great and be totally practical too. This means less stress and better outcomes for the client and everyone involved for that matter. Thorough planning is key.

Being careful to properly communicate the detail gives everyone a sense of certainty about the decisions and the reasoning behind those choices. It takes away any unnecessary uncertainty. Yes we are sure.....

How design relates to productivity

How many times have you walked into an office, a cafe, or even your home, wanting to get work done but instead NOTHING happens; no coherent emails, no done deals, no words on paper, not even one tick on your to-do list?

Don't be too hard on yourself, it's not always you to blame for a lack of productivity. Visual Edge have been meticulous in their research on how to increase productivity through design and it’s been proven there is a link between interior design and productivity levels.

We aren't giving you a free pass to blame your lack of productivity on how many windows are in your work space; if you're just too tired, then windows won’t help, go and take a nap! We are going to share some findings with you and walk you through some design features that can have an effect on whether you close any deals or not in your work place.

Natural Light