The most common decorating problem - 'bland'

Scale is an important part of interior design principles and a great way to get the much desired WOW factor in any space. I always say...

'What you want is on the other side of fear'

If you don't experiment a little with scale, accessories that pack some punch and of course is likely that you do suffer from the dreaded 'bland' decor problem.

If your house is lacking punch, personality or panache, it’s time to throw out the rule book and use scale and colour to your advantage. An over-sized feature – whether it be lighting, an accessory or artwork – not only becomes a room’s focal point (and every room needs a focal point to avoid looking bland, but also dishes up a big serving of smile-inducing delight to anyone who walks in. Here's a few ideas to get you rolling....

1. Lighting A giant, custom-made pendant in contemporary stripes adds drama to this otherwise sedate space. Without it, the room risks looking old-fashioned, and it would be sorely in need of a focal point. TIP: Using an over-sized pendant over a dining table in an open-plan kitchen/living/dining area helps define it as a separate zone. A rug beneath the dining table also helps.

TIP: Adding floor and table lamps in living and dining areas achieves warm and welcoming evening ambiance. Choose warm white light bulbs for living areas and bedrooms, and cool white for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries where you need a practical light source.

2. Art A giant artwork is a safe bet when an expanse of wall needs filling – it’s hard to get this wrong. Big, bold, beautiful art can become the hero piece and ultimate focal point of a room, and is an easy way to inject colour and personality.

3. Seating areas Too often, window seats add a decorative touch to a room but fail to be very useful – no one sits there, in other words. A giant window seat like this one, on the other hand, is simply irresistible. Pile up the cushions and make sure the seat cushion is thick and comfortable; more than one family member is likely to choose this as their favorite place. TIP: When you add lined, block-out Roman blinds, the window seat is likely to be a popular lounging spot when the sun goes down too.