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On the topic of retail design and the psychology of selling, It's a super competitive out there these days so a proven strategy has never been so important. It's tough it is to stay ahead of the competition. In a very competitive marketplace, it’s vital that you discover how successful retailers are reaching out to customers and winning more business.


All good retailers are learning how to capitalise on environmental, psychological, and experiential offerings that meet the demand for competitive and intuitive retail environments. Forge long term relationships and effectively communicate with both existing and potential clients by engaging a professional retail designer. 

When it comes down to how you operate, how you maximise your space and of course how much you profit from your retail business, a fresh eye and someone who knows loads about retail strategy is an invaluable resource. It can make or break your retail business.

Empowering retail businesses to work better through effective spatial planning, Visual Merchandising & product placement any location.

e-DESIGN for retailers - spatial concepts, PRODUCT PLACEMENT + PLANNING

This service will help you refresh or transform your retail business with a personalised and convenient online approach. Lisa Christie has completed hundreds of retail layouts and product placement plans without ever having set foot on the premises! 

Working with scale drawings means that designs can be drawn down to the last detail. A comprehensive report is provided which helps you to understand your product placement strategy and merchandising plan.

At a fraction of the cost of a full design fit out, this service is a great tool for those that revel in the idea of doing the footwork themselves and saving some money to boot! If you are managing the project but lack the vision and knowledge of a professional retail designer - you're in the right place.

This service is available to anyone across Australia, no matter where you are! 

The remote design services means that there's no on site visit needed.


Discover the power of thoughtful product placement incorporating psychological factors and subliminal retailing strategy. All you need is a floor plan with dimensions to get started. Followed by a remote meeting  to clarify some of the details.​You will have access to a professional commercial/retail designer and seasoned Visual Merchandiser to discuss your project along the way.

Visual Edge has provided retail design help and guidance to hundreds of new and existing retailers in Australia and overseas and can identify the unique opportunities of any retail space. 


A typical retail report includes information on spatial planning, floor plans and 3D drawings showing concept ideas and detail. Department locations and design theory, fixtures and fittings detail, displays and focal point locations. You will receive information about promotional opportunities, product adjacency, how to deal with problem stock, lighting, signage and more.


This service is perfect for any retailer as well as franchisers that may require ongoing assistance with their affiliated retailers. Services can be tailored to any retail store or situation.

retail executive coaching 

In both retail and hospitality, the biggest challenge to surpassing goals are the individuals. For any retail business, leaders represent the most important resource but also the most unpredictable. Our mission is to enhance the knowledge and overall potential of retail executives and managers for their teams through one on one coaching. We focus on and specialise in product placement strategy, retail design theory, visual merchandising to make managers aware of front line issues to ensure that they are properly maintained and delegated suitably to staff members.


This service is typically provided virtually by encouraging managers to walk and talk in a video conference to offer a tailored approach.  Q&A is encouraged and feedback both positive and negative is provided by a professional retail designer who is also a qualified trainer. The designer feedback aims to educate the manager for more professional outcomes in the field of retail design and product placement.


Visual Edge can develop executives and managers through a variety of training and coaching methods that enable fast, visible and sustainable results over time.



This virtual training service aims to identify and retain talent, especially in the field of merchandising and buying. We develop the skills of your teams, improve employees’ commitment, support better communication between buyers and merchandisers and strengthen the culture generally. All this for a better employee and customer experience and of course to increase sales and profits.


We focus on the retail and hospitality sectors, where companies want to improve their results, develop the interpersonal skills of their managers and who look for constant innovation.

We offer on-site training as well as blended, mobile and online.



Speak to us to find out more about the service 


Let's talk. Contact us! Ask any questions about the process and understand our pricing and terms. Whether you need help with a brand new shop, a relocation  or just need help to improve an existing one. We'll guide you through the process and carefully explain your options and associated costs based on the size of your shop.


Meet your design partne


Take some photos, provide floor plans and dimensions, mud maps or any other information to help your designer understand the project more. We want to get to know you a bit. We ask questions to understand your location, your business model, your product offering and your basic objectives and practical needs for the project. 


Your custom design and detail is prepared


Your designer will prepare a detailed  custom design including department and product placement as well as retail strategy & advice. We'll present the design to you to ensure that you understand the design outcomes and how to implement the plan. Any last adjustments are made and the final detail is provided to you once you sign off.


Watch your retail space come to life

You will be equipped to roll out the plan with any necessary guidance from your designer to complete the project. The plan and detailed illustrations will keep you on track. You'll learn so much about strategic retailing  throughout the process and you'll have a design professional to guide you and provide advice along the way.


For new shop fit outs, refurbishments of existing shops or the relocation of a  business, an experienced professional can take away the guesswork and point out the unique opportunities of your project to make the shopping experience a positive one for your customers. Ultimately our goal is to increase sales and profits for your business. Retail design reports and audits, finish selections specifications.

Most customers wouldn’t have a second thought as to how shops are created, but the planning process starts well in advance.

We are typically brought into a retail project early to ensure the best possible strategic outcomes. Visual Edge have the skills to design the store, assist the business owner by creating 3D layouts and finally by specifying the finishes and placement strategies right down to the last detail. 


Visual Edge's senior designer Lisa Christie is a qualified interior designer with a strong background in retail and design strategy. She started at David Jones in Visual Merchandising in the 90's and hasn't stopped showing off her skills ever  since! 


face to face or VIRTUAL

A stunning and functional store design can be quickly undermined by poor product display and a strong brand can be diluted through misuse. To maximise your return on design and fitout investment you need to ensure your staff are properly informed and trained on how to work with the product and brand to support the organisations’ message and market positioning. Learning the tricks of the trade is key and will result in a better return on investment. 


Forward Thinking Design can provide you with clear, easy to understand, illustrated Visual Merchandising and Brand Style Guides. We can also train your staff to become self-sufficient in implementing these guidelines in store.

Our VM and Brand Style Guide Services include:

  • Audits of existing stores to identify ways to improve product presentation, sight lines, adjacencies, add-ons and upselling

  • Audits for cafes, restaurants and service based businesses for improvements in customer experience and visual presentation

  • Visual Merchandising Plans and Guidelines

  • Visual Merchandising Coaching

  • Regular and seasonal in-person Visual Merchandising Services

  • Audits of existing brand strength, use and visual identity management to identify ways to update and improve brand impact

All good retailers create and execute their brand with the most dynamic and forward thinking visual impact, to keep up with the demands of their customers. Achieving visually impressive retail displays are paramount. Subjects can be tailored to any industry. Some of our biggest clients are involved in the pump and irrigation industry, nursery retailers or newsagencies. The principles are the same no matter what you sell.


This is a recommendation for the services provided by Lisa Christie from Visual Edge. For the past few years we have worked hand in hand with Visual Edge to assist us and our members with services that have focused primarily on new & existing store layout designs. Lisa has produced modern and practical conceptual floor plan designs that have always meet the brief. At no one time has she failed me, and Lisa has always proven to be highly ethical, always met her deadlines making her a reliable partner to us.

My first engagement with Visual Edge was on a project where we engaged her to present at our National Franchise Conference. Lisa presented the idea of showrooms and best practice design and layout to the group’s members. Prior to this point, most of our members were happy with a design scratched down on the back of an old piece of paper. Lisa certainly introduced a new way of thinking to our group and store owners and since that day Lisa has designed many modern yet practical showroom designs and is now our choice of designer across the group between Australia and New Zealand. Visual Edge certainly brought along good expertise that involved understanding our clientele by spending time with our members and myself to grasp what our key drivers and motivations were and still are today. The feedback and results were phenomenal compared to our previous design partners. It is through the use of their digital design services that we have been able to transform our business model and, on most occasions, strongly grow our sales and profits as a direct result.

I would like you to consider Visual Edge for showroom design (or any other service offered by Lisa. I have had only good experiences with Visual Edge over the past few years. I strongly recommend their services. Let me know if you need any previous working record regarding Visual Edge.

Chris Rehm - Operations Manager 

Think Water

07 3209 9400

Visual Edge is your exclusive colour consultant for Dulux, Inspirations Paint & Colour & Bunnings Warehouse in the Mid North Coast.

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