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Your home is as unique as you are...

Have you always wanted a beautiful and stylish home but not sure how to create a cohesive look?  Are you experiencing sleepless nights worrying about making selections yourself? Making the most of the space you have while staying on budget isn’t always easy. A design professional can help you define your personal style and create a home that’s uniquely yours. Selecting colours inside or out, or helping you build or renovate your existing home. Or maybe you just need a little impartial advice collaborating to furnish and style your place.Working with clients to understand their interior design goals then turning them into reality is what good design is all about.


styling + shopping tours

Are you struggling to find the right lamp shade, sofa fabric or rug? Need some reassurance that the new furniture and decor you’ve got your eyes on will work together and in your space?

Why not got shopping or source products together with your designer to make the process less painful? 

Click on the button below to send me an email or request a call back and & I’ll send you a quote to help solve your decorating problem in a jiffy!

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As a decorating tool, colour has few equals - it is almost limitless in it's range, and can either pack a punch and steal the limelight or be subdued and unobtrusive. Knowing how to maximise it's potential, particularly as an entire colour scheme will unlock a new decorating world. 

Visual Edge has been affiliated with Dulux Australia since 2007 and boasts an impressive portfolio of colour selection projects both domestic and commercial. Lisa will provide all necessary specification detail and order A4 samples of all the colours for your reference throughout the project. 

interior advice on line

on linE E-design consultations

This service is available to anyone, in any location. Remote design has become commonplace in the design industry and Lisa has been doing it for years! This service will help you refresh or transform your home with a personalised and convenient online approach using plans and project images.



Visualise new colour schemes and get an easy decision on colour with the colour overlay service. Perfect for exterior colour selection projects large and small.



Building your new home should be an satisfying and fulfilling undertaking.

Opting to build your own home is an exciting time in your life that, once you're committed, is usually followed by numerous decision making processes. It can quickly feel like you are out of your depth.Whether you are a first time builder or a veteran, you want to feel confident, in control and certain about your design and decoration choices. 

Professional interior design services will help you avoid mistakes and ensure that the building process is seamless, that the outcome with provide you with the perfect lifestyle, a result that you and your visitors will rave about – for all the right reasons.

Find your style...

This service offers professional advice to review your plans, ideas and selections so you can be confident and avoid common mistakes. Work with Lisa to generate ideas; brainstorm and dream until you really draw out what your desires are for your space.

Its the best way to work out niggling little problems with the floor plan, or get honest reliable feedback and direction on your colour choices and interior finishes. You can capitalise on your designers experience who will advise you candidly on what to look out for, what to avoid and most importantly, identify unique opportunities for your project that you may not be aware of.


Save time...

If time is your most valuable commodity... or if the idea of devoting big chunks of time to planning and design isn’t an option for you....consider teaming with a professional. This affiliation can help ensure that the process is fulfilling, and rewarding and no wasting time! 

If you have plans, you're ready!

No matter if you have your own architect and builder, a Visual Edge designer can help you create your dream home.

This service is for first time or experienced new home builders who already have house plans.The service is based on a 3 hours of exclusive consultation over viewing the plans with a professional interior designer which can be pre-quoted. You will know what the total costs are before you start. You can use the time in one block or spread it out over the length of your build for back up when you need it.

Design an inspiring home you’ll love to live in. The Outcomes...

Together with the guidance of your designer, create a specification for your builder that combines finish selections, paint colour, flooring, kitchen and tile selections for both the interior and exterior of your home...enjoy peace of mind for your build project.

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Rules in this house that we have stuck too all along....  is whatever Lisa recommends goes..... Haha! When anyone has tried to get off course I have said NO! It has worked really well and taken so much pressure off me having a plan and following through with it. Mum and Dad are really happy with everything. Thank goodness..... So a big THANK YOU from us all. I cannot tell you how much  I appreciate your guidance and support.


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