spatial planning

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Spatial planning is an important part of the process when you're designing a room. I really enjoy creating floor plans that make the best use of the space, maintain good flow, and are functional for the way you live. Having a vision for how to set up your room along with the dimensions of the pieces you need to look for will help you create a space that feels 'right' and is well balance. Be a smart shopper, and prevent costly mistakes.

This standalone e-design service is perfect if you already have the furniture you need or have design ideas in mind, but don't quite know how to put it all together. I'll work with your existing furniture and/or provide recommendations for approximate sizes of additional pieces to complete the space. If you're starting from scratch with an empty room, that's fine as well! 

Scale drawings of the space can help with in many ways;

  • Ensures that the space is functional and efficient in its purpose.

  • Peace of mind knowing proper planning has been carried out.

  • A more accurate budget can be the result of this detailed planning.

  • Help s to create spaces with natural flow both visually and physically.

  • Scale drawings will give you a good gauge of the space. It can help with selecting the appropriate size furniture based on the size of the room and will also give you an idea of which placements will work best.

  • Ensures that you don't waste money buying unnecessary furniture.

Floor plans and 3D models provide clients with an accurate idea of how the finished space will look and work.

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What's included 

  • An initial meeting to chat about your project. 

  • A digital space plan showing the furniture layout and room dimensions

  • Up to two rounds of revisions to tweak the plan to your needs

  • Recommended dimensions for furniture pieces if additional items are needed

  • Written information to accompany the visual space plan

  • Design and styling advice

  • Recommendations for specific pieces of furniture and decor.

  • 3D drawings and elevations

What's next?

  • Contact us to talk about the process in more detail with the buttons below.

  • Email a drawing of your room (please include the dimensions of each wall, doorway, wall opening, and window, as well as the height of the ceiling) as well as measurements and photos of each piece of furniture you'd like to incorporate in the space.

  • Email photos of your room from all angles - landscape/horizontal works best!

  • I’ll be in touch within two business days to discuss your project with you!