MULTI RESIDENTIAL exterior colour selection- portfolio


e-DESIGN COLOUR montage - digital overlay of paint colours 

Visualise new colour schemes and get an easy decision on colour with the colour overlay service.

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As a decorating tool, colour has few equals - it is almost limitless in it's range, and can either pack a punch and steal the limelight or be subdued and unobtrusive. Knowing how to maximise it's potential, particularly as an entire colour scheme will unlock a new decorating world. Visual Edge has been affiliated with Dulux Australia since 2007 and boasts an impressive portfolio of colour selection projects both domestic and commercial. Lisa will provide all necessary specification detail and order A4 samples of all the colours for your reference throughout the project. 

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Whether you are a first time builder or a veteran, you want to feel confident, in control and certain about your design choices. 

Professional interior design services will help you avoid mistakes and ensure that the building process is seamless, that your prospective buyers are lining up to purchase their new abode form you.

Together with the guidance of your designer, create a specification for your builder that combines finish selections, paint colour, flooring, kitchen and tile selections, window coverings...enjoy peace of mind for your build project.