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The right window coverings..

Clients ask me all the time which window covering they should choose. It's a good question and the myriad of choices can be super confusing. Read on to see what's available and use your interior designer to help with the finishes or for further advice to help you make the right choice.

The main considerations when choosing window coverings are:

> Light control

> Heat retention or reflection

> The right visual result - styling to suit the decor or personal tastes.

> Privacy

Any kind of window covering can be finished to look gorgeous if the right selections are made. That is colour and finish. The main trick is finding the right one for your tastes and needs. Just when you think you've decided on the type of window covering, you'll be bombarded with even further choice in finishes. Most window covering options are available in a vast range of finishes.

curtains interior design window coverings

Drapery or curtains

Personally I love curtains, especially for bedrooms. They create soft, romantic spaces. Curtains softly billowing in the breeze makes me smile.

panel glides interior design window coverings

Panel Glides

I love these in semi transparent finishes. Great when stacked off the window so that they don't restrict light when opened.

This style has replaced the older vertical blind concept.

Vertical blinds are still available.

roman blinds window coverings interior design

Roman Blinds

These are a great option and you can use fabric to get the look you want.Great for The Hampton's style, modern country or french provincial decors.

zebra blinds or honeycomb blinds

Zebra Blinds or Honeycomb Blinds

Great option for superior light control and privacy.

roller blinds interior design window coverings

Roller Blinds

Very popular choice which can be double hung to increase the light control options.

cafe curtains interior design window coverings

Cafe Curtains

Great for French provincial design or modern country decor. Helps increase natural light while taking care of privacy issues.

valance curtains or cornice blinds

Valance or Cornice Blinds

Elegant option, great for bedrooms. can be done in a modern decor as you can see.

plantation shutters

Plantation Shutters

Top of the range price wise, excellent for heat retention, light control and privacy, also fairly practical and low maintenance option.

cafe shutters

Cafe shutters

Similar to plantation shutters but they usually bi fold and only cover the lower portion of the window.

tie up curtains

Tie Up Curtains

A very traditional, relaxed option but can look great if done in the right fabric.

Venetian blinds

Venetian Blinds

High maintenance with cleaning being a little painful but great light control.

Austrian Blinds

Austrian Blinds

I like Austrian Blinds for their softness. In the right decor, they can look wow factor. Great for Hampton's or coastal style, country interiors.

Matchstick blinds

Matchstick blinds

Matchstick blinds now come in colours other than 'natural' and can be fabulous if done in the right kind of room.

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