The Cascade Fountain

I completed a project recently that provided an unparalleled level of personal satisfaction. It has that special point of difference.... I was asked to provide finish selections for a gorgeous 8 meter long cascade fountain which has recently come to life here in Port Macquarie.

Well.... you can't produce a building called 'The Cascades' and not actually have a real cascade now can you?

Here's a sneak peek into the design and construction of this very unique liquid eye candy.

Having a role in the design of this amazing cascade fountain was a uniquely satisfying thing for me...and I am super proud of the result.

Anyhow, I wanted to show you the various stages of the cascade fountain construction, (the fountain in particular) as it really is the cherry on top of this great project for me.

The Construction Stage

Here are the early stages of the fountain, plumbing and construction, formwork and waterproofing.

All the finishes for the entire build were pre selected from architectural drawings including this fountain.

Finishes Selection

Careful attention is paid to surrounding finishes and how the fountain will sit softly and elegantly into this prime focal position in the entry courtyard throughout the selection process.

The tiles are selected and specified along with grouts and details of how the tiles are to be laid. I found this gorgeous glass tile for the inside of the fountain. It was iridescent and provides great continuity with the colours that were chosen for the exterior features on the three towers.

Tiling the Fountain

The next stage for construction is the tiling both inside and outside surfaces. This is where I start to get a sense of the outcomes...I'm finding it difficult to stay away from the site. Every day sees a step closer!