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Diary of a tile addict

A clever tile selection can make a huge difference to your project! If not chosen carefully, tiles can date a property within 6-8 years, sometimes less!

Tiles are a popular choice in the Mid North Coast because of our gorgeous temperate climate. They are a cool, low maintenance, easy care option. I am a lover of timber floors but I still do tons of tile selections for both residential and commercial clients for their bathrooms, splash backs and flooring.

The trick is to mix your tiles to achieve an unusual and timeless result. There's an art to mixing tiles, just like pattern mixing, careful visualisation and understanding of design principles makes it easier. A clever selection can be the difference between disaster and success for any design. Smart combinations of tiles and clever mixes of plain, pattern and textured tiles can help to achieve amazing, timeless and exciting results.

A custom look is really where its at in 2018 and trying to avoid popular fads will help to keep your tiles looking great for years to come.

For those of you who love subway tiles, I'm sorry but this is exactly what I'm talking about. An overuse of any tile will place it fair and square in the tile of 2017 category which will result in that style looking very dated in 2019 and 2020.

Remember that playing it too safe and not seizing design opportunities can also be a little and use texture to your advantage. A little colour never hurt anyone either!

Check out this gallery of some of my favourites tile projects.

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