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Tile selection- that doesn't date

A recent tile selection for one of our clients is both exciting and inspiring. Careful tile selection with a design professional is the best way to ensure that your tiled areas don't date too quickly. A more creative approach to tile selection is key.

I am asked this on a regular basis when consulting with clients for domestic tile selection projects......'Will it date too quickly?'

Well, all tiles will date eventually...but the best way to provide the best in longevity for a tiling project is to go with something that is outside the box....something that's not mainstream, something that you haven't seen in a magazine!

Choosing unexpected or unusual combinations and focusing on newer ranges is how to achieve that.

Using creative skill to combine them successfully is how the professionals do it.

The image below shows the selection including wall paint colours (top right), laminates in white for the vanity, benchtop in Carrara Stone and a matt finish Carrara floor tile with a soft vien.

Undoubtedly a better result than simply walking into a tile shop and choosing the prefab mainstream combinations that are on display. Some of which have already dated before they are purchased and go up on the wall....I can't imaging spending money on materials, builders, waterproofers, hardware, plumbers and tilers and then getting a result that looks like it came from the 90's! Or something that will have a date stamped on it saying 'yes, i was installed in 2020' ......and as 2025 rolls around, that very chic tile that was super popular in 2020 is now a thing of the past - dated.

This is one of the important reasons why people use a professional I wanted to bring it to your attention and make you aware of this issue so that you have it front of mind when you're doing your next tiling project.

I love tile selection projects because I can really stretch my creative legs and to be perfectly honest....for me, it's fun!

Signing off for now,


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