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I love Modern Maximalism

Modern maximalism is an excellent option to consider if you want to create a unique and personalised space that feels like home. It's a design style that combines elements of traditional and contemporary elements. It is characterized by a careful mixture of patterns, textures, and colours, as well as an eclectic, sometimes eccentric mix of old and new furniture and decor.

The thing I love most about this interesting design style is its character and WOW factor but most of all using elements that are a bit unexpected, out of the ordinary, perhaps slightly eccentric. Designing something that won't be copied or seen anywhere else. There's something very satisfying about it that feeds my creative drive.

The modern maximalist style takes on a highly curated look that is both visually interesting and comfortable. It has the most amazing wow factor and is the perfect platform to display sentimental items or things that have been collected throughout a lifetime. These special and sometimes unusual pieces become design cornerstones and are usually great starting points to gain cohesion for the design during the planning phase.

For the client working with an interior designer on a modern maximalist design, there must be a high level of trust between them. The curated look relies heavily on honed visualisation skills and faith throughout the process.

In many cases, decor is carried out by layering the elements incrementally and carefully. Success for this style also requires excellent colour skills, a great sense of balance and superb pattern mixing skills.

Modern Maximalism is not for everyone and certainly not for the faint hearted! To achieve this level of interest and individualism, it takes a fairly healthy budget, a collection of 'things' (or willingness to start one) and a creative mind to put it all together.

In 2023 and beyond, modern maximalism is expected to continue growing in popularity. It is a perfect reflection of the current times, where people are wanting to create a space that is functional and expressive in an artistic way. This style is all about embracing individuality, and it’s a way to make a statement in a room without being too overwhelming. The key is to balance the different elements and create a cohesive look by choosing a colour palette and adding textures and patterns that complement each other and don't appear matchy at all....more so complimentary and balanced in an eccentric way.

Don't get me wrong.... a high level of comfort is something that all professional designers achieve in every project. The rise of Scandi and other minimalist styles have made this outcome more and more challenging.

In the past decade, these styles have gained considerable traction and for some people, minimalism is a way of life. However, I'm pleased to see that more recent interior design styles have well and truly moved back to an era that appreciates old things and all types of 'art' as a key factor in design.....I love this.....It is a kind of 'design party' no?

'When implementing Modern Maximalism,' It's the training and experience of the interior designer that's going to separate the wheat from the chaff'. - Lisa Christie

I love this design style style as it aligns with my own home and being an artist provides me with opportunities to practice this method in my own space and with certain clients who love the point of difference. I realise that Modern Maximalism is not for everyone, and I am well capable of satisfying the minimalists of this world rather than trying to convert them.

: )

I don't feel that Modern Maximalism can be called a fad.... it's a timeless and interesting way of life. This style is the ultimate in timelessness....everlasting interiors that won't date.

I get asked that question a lot in my work....'will this look date?'. If the combinations of decor are mainstream ( seen in TV and in magazines) then the answer is always yes. In 5-8 years any 'popular' or mainstream style will date. A space that confirms to popular design trends will have a limited life span when the next trend comes around.

A modern maximalist space however, is a different story. I have every confidence that these beautiful spaces will look fabulous for many years to come.

Interior designer eye candy - BEHOLD my little gallery of previous projects, furniture updates and modern maximalist rooms by myself and other designers to give you some inspiration!

If you like the modern maximalist style, and you need a little help to make it happen...I'm here for you.

Your designer,

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