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New artwork complete!

Completing my post flood artwork today has been both therapeutic and satisfying for me especially considering recent events. There is a strange feeling of accomplishment that comes from achieving something right after a time of devastation and loss. A great way to heal and move on for sure....

I took this picture in situ so that you can get an idea of the scale....(with a chair in the foreground).

The flood took its toll on the art studio which was fairly wrecked having been under water for about 5 days. After the clean up was done and things were moderately under control, I was able to work on this rather large artwork. It seemed to come together fairly quickly. It's now on my own wall standing proud and I love it in the space.

My Heart goes out to all the people who lost everything in the Mid North Coast floods and I am super thankful to the lovely volunteers that helped us when we needed it most....both friends and strangers.

It renews ones faith in humankind. There are good and helpful people in this world and we do have a strong community here in Port Macquarie that really look out for one another. I hope you like the new artwork! Onward and upward!

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