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Residential testimonials


'I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Lisa for the past year. During that time, Lisa helped me reimagine my home design and realise its potential.
Lisa brings not just the interior design skills, but also the sound business acumen to help transform my investment house to into a strategic commercial opportunity .
When you have Lisa on your team, it’s not just Lisa you are getting – she also brings with her all of her trade relationships. In my case, she brought together contractors to do my bathroom, kitchens, tiling, lighting, curtains, and supply furniture - a complete fit out.
Lisa encourages me to bring all my ideas to the table, then tests my boundaries in a safe and supportive way to ensure I get the best possible outcome.

My situation is somewhat unique, I am visually impaired. Lisa works honestly and communicates effectively. Lisa’s most important attribute is that she is “my trusted pair of eyes,” where in the areas that I struggle, she has the Intuition to know that I’m finding it difficult and manages the process with various trades to ensure the design and colours are as we imagined.
Lisa’s keen sense of style is apparent in her presence and in the way she articulates her ideas. She clearly has a skill in creating a beautiful, harmonious environment that functions according to the plans we set out.
I highly recommend Lisa - you will find her true passion for design and skill the moment you meet her.
Lisa: my personal thanks to you, for helping with this project. It has been an inspirational journey of personal growth for me'.


Domestic Client 

Thanks to you our renovation plans are well underway. You gave us a lot of ideas and helped us decide on the best way forward. Working with you has freed me up to be more creative and explore colour in our home.  You also saved us a heap of money with your furniture placement suggestions and we now use our existing furniture much better.

I've enjoyed working on the gallery of our travel photos and can't believe I thought this wouldn't work for our home. I'll send pics of it when finished and also our new look laundry and bathrooms when they are done.

Again, many thanks. You gave us so many practical and stylish options for every room in the house and I feel that I now have the confidence to make these changes and enjoy the process.

Allison - 

Domestic client - Crescent head

Graeme and I wish to thank you for the wonderful work you did with our apartment we just love it. We can't thank you enough! You are truly talented and so easy to work with. I keep wandering around going “I love it I love it”. It was an interesting journey as i knew I had to get out of my comfort zone but we completely trusted your brilliance.Please use us as a reference. Happy to talk to them.

Graeme & Joan 

Port Macquarie

'We are thrilled with the results. You are not only a consummate professional, you are a magician! Thank you for everything'

Michael Jacobs
Managing Director

Eyecare Plus

'I have just finished painting the house both inside & outside following all your suggestions & colours. The end result is fabulous and we are glad to have had your professional advice. Once again many thanks'.

Tom & Marilyn 

Port Macquarie

'Thanks for your time. A big thank you for all your help. We couldn't have done this house without you. You held my hand through this big task!'

Roz Bittar

The Old School

I very much enjoyed our time together and I appreciated Lisa's advice in regards to exterior colour choices and design. My husband John was also quite happy with her choices and reasoning for these. I also appreciate other advice that you gave to consider as far as development within the building itself as it is quite a timely consideration for us. Thank you for the pics of interior design and furnishings. I think they are spot on and are a great reference for planning ahead. I will likely be calling on your services in the future. Many thanks.


Port Macquarie 

'Hey Lisa, Rochelle and I both love working with you. You make all the choices seem so easy. We recommend you to anyone who asks. Really appreciate your help' 


New Build Client

Port Macquarie

'Thank you for all your help. I have painted up some colour boards with the colours you have suggested and I am really happy with the results. The colours are perfect and I really like the colour you chose for the sun room. I am thinking that this might also work in the guest bedroom at the back which also receives a lot of sun. The biggest surprise was the main bedroom colour that you chose which I would never have chosen myself. I think it will soften and warm our bedroom perfectly'.

Jenny (new build client)



'When we decided to renovate the Bonny Hills Beach House, we where determined to get it right.  Instead of relying on ourselves, family and friends to make the decorative decisions, we decided to get Lisa Christie to assist.  It was by far the best decision we made with the entire renovation with the results turning out to be exceptional almost solely due to Lisa's involvement. We are planning to decorate our home this year and the very first person we contacted was Lisa!' 
Michael & Fiona
Bonny Hills Beach House

'On matters of style, I always rely on Lisa Christie'.

Andrew Miedecke,

Miedecke Motor Group

'Lots of good comments about the new colour from neighbours and people walking past. Nobody liked the 'all white house' before.

I am getting more compliments from neighbours etc, how nice is that? - thanks mainly to you of course.

I love the result, I am tickled pink. Well done Lisa'.

Nonnie Green 

Port Macquarie

'Must be lovely having a career that you love and having such diversity makes life more interesting doesn't it? I imagine you are never bored! you are so lucky to have that creative talent. I always get a kick out of hearing how you are going as you know that Russ and I are somewhat fans of yours as we are so impressed by your abilities and level headed approach to everything. A lot of creative people don't seem to have the business sense to go with their talents, so you are quite a package!! Don't blush!'

Susie & Russel Pirie 

Port Macquarie

'We both love working with you, You make the choices seem so easy!We recommend you to anyone that asks. Really appreciate your help'.

Luke & Rochelle

Port Macquarie

'We are thrilled with the results of the colour choices, they look great and make such a difference so thank you!

We are now looking forward to continuing with our update'.

Jill & Richard (domestic clients) Port Macquarie

'Thank you for your help, guidance and professional assistance. It's been very pleasant and easy working with you : )'

Leszek and Nicole - Remote Domestic Interior Design clients  Sydney

'Many Thanks Lisa, We really enjoyed our consultation! - you've given us so much to think about and do! Thank you!'

Jessie - Domestic client Port Macquarie 

'The ensuite is now finished and looks amazing! We are even more thrilled than when we recently sent the progress report. Thank you so much. Please come and see it when you are able'.
Glenda & Bob Hamilton 

Port Macquarie

'We just wanted to thank you so much for such a great job working with me at home. The renos are now essentially complete and we’re loving the results - in particular the tile choice in the new Master-bathroom and the new external colour scheme. 

Couldn’t have done it without you and took a lot of the stress out of many of the decisions. 

Thank you also for the trade referrals - the builder you referred was super to work with over the year'.

Warm regards,

John & Jane - 

Domestic clients - Port Macquarie 

'Thank You for your advice and ideas on my new property. I have found the information to be super helpful in making decisions, staying focused and not getting overwhelmed with options. Also handy when dealing with salespeople, as I was clear on direction. Lisa you were so supportive, friendly and helpful, I really appreciate your help. Highly recommend'.


Remote Design client

'Mum and Dad are so happy with everything you recommended for their cottage.It turned out perfect. Every visitor loves it and quite a few of their friends are envious of their home. So a big thank you for your help.

Rules in this house that we have stuck too all along....  is whatever Lisa recommends goes..... Haha! When anyone has tried to get off course I have said NO! It has worked really well and taken so much pressure off me having a plan and following through with it. Mum and Dad are really happy with everything. Thank goodness..... So a big THANK YOU from us all. I cannot tell you how much  I appreciate your guidance and support'.


Dumaresq Island 

'The task of renovating our master bedroom suite was very daunting until I engaged Lisa Christie. Lisa made the whole experience exciting. She was so professional and inspiring. The outcome was so much better than I expected, I just love it, as does all my friends. I highly recommend Lisa for any project big or small'.

Claire Jestrimski

Port Macquarie 

'We have just been sitting on our back deck finally taking a moment to breath out and reflect on our new home while the kids sleep. Eight months ago we had a vision for this home and today every part of that vision has been realised. Everywhere we look there is a Lisa signature to be seen – from roof colour to carpets from bench tops to curtains. Our design theme, described to you all that time ago, has been achieved with a unified presentation throughout. We could not be happier or more grateful for your consideration, skill and genuine interest. You have made a process that so many fear an absolutely enjoyable experience from concept to sipping a cuppa!'

Nigel & Darlene Sonter 

Port Macquarie

'I just wanted to briefly say thanks for your help with confirming schemes and colours at our place. Just as you said the colours weren't dark at all! The bench top is actually going in on Wednesday and the whole thing is looking great - so NOT run of the mill boring and or ugly as I was freaking out it would be... Unfortunately I was allowing people who don't share my style and vision on things to influence me and question what I was trying to achieve. Had I listened to others I would have suffered a untimely death by doyley and commonplace creamy commonness. Still have a heck of a lot to do but at least that side of things which was consuming me has been sorted. You are such a visionary!'


Port Macquarie

'Thank you so much for your time. I loved your input, and we took your advice on the distance we brought the wall out to. We are so glad we did. It looks absolutely fantastic - It’s transformed the space. With the front door move planned, and the living / dining areas done it’s going to be great. 

Just helping us nail those two things alone was well worth your cost, but you ‘brain dumped’ (in a good way!) so many other ideas. 

You’re a legend.Thank you so much again. No doubt we’ll be in touch'. 


Port Macquarie

'Your colour suggestions looking very good indeed.
The soft blue of the island bench is beautiful with the wood floor & cabinets.  I really love the way you put the blue on all sides, that is very clever & really removes the clinical kitchen feel. The cabinets are the textured finish to prevent glare and they look superb. Thank you very much Lisa'.

Leanne (new build client)

Port Macquarie

'Considering where we started from, I am thrilled with what we have accomplished so far. All due to your expertise.Maybe I should stop praising you otherwise you might increase your fees and I won't be able to afford you!'

Fond Regards,


Esme and Pete

Domestic Renovation Client

Port Macquarie

'Just a quick note to thank you very much for your advice on Wednesday regarding our unit. I always find your advice invaluable! At the conclusion of your visit I have a clear vision of how to move forward with any design/colour dilemmas I may have had, and for that I'm truly appreciative'.


Port Macquarie

'Thank you very much for your time today. It was a fantastic help to me, to complete my project. I think the colours we have chosen will look fabulous. I will be back in contact with you in the coming months.
Thanks again'

Port Macquarie

'I wish to highly recommend Lisa to anyone seeking professional and expert advice on colour and decor. Not only is Lisa a true professional, she is well liked and respected in the region for her knowledge. I really appreciated the time she spent listening to me before mapping out the vision for my new home.

Following an exhaustive google search, I selected Visual Edge (Lisa Christie) to provide expert advise on colour and finishes, internal and external, for my new home.

Lisa put together ideas which turned out just fabulously. Everyone compliments me on Lisa’a colour selections. I just love it and to my surprise there was no heart ache, no pain and no repeats.

Subsequently, (as the colour selection turned so well) I sought Lisa’s professional advice on decor for my new home. Lisa mapped out a vision an then took my on a shopping tour and sourced some items on line. It also enabled me to input more on my own tastes and get expert feedback on what would and wouldn't work. Again, Lisa made this daunting task very easy for me. The furniture and decorations far exceeded my expectations and again everyone has complimented me on the result.

To conclude, a very big thank you for all your good efforts Lisa. Your professionalism, knowledge and know how, your timeliness and your wonderful sense of humour made the journey far easier than I could have imagined. I just love my new home now and all the wonderful comments'.

Ian Foster (new build) 

Lake Cathie

'We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed and appreciated our session with you yesterday. You were very easy to work with and it was fun. We feel confident in following your expert advice.
We will send photos once the job is completed. Friends are loving the feature colour you chose for our back door. Just wanted to really thank you for yesterday'.

Carol & Rob Richmond 

Remote Interior Design clients 

'Just wanted to let you know Lisa Christie was excellent…had it all sorted
quickly and was very efficient'

Fran Fairweather Dulux Domestic client 

Port Macquarie

'We are both as ever - so impressed by your attention to detail and efficiency'.

Susie and Russell Pirie

Port Macquarie

commercial interior design testimonials


'Lisa by far exceeded our expectations in both the décor and the budget that was given. Months later we are still receiving comments about how fabulous the office looks. We are grateful to you for making this a 'stress free' event. We have no hesitation in further recommending you to our clients and friends, as the value for your service was well worth the cost'.

Gary and Carmel Owen

Mortgage Choice

Port Macquarie

'We would like to express our sincere thanks for your brilliant hard work and dedication. That we have been able to capitalize on this project is a tribute to your research and creativity. Lisa, we look forward to a continuing association, and would be pleased at any time to express our opinion of the extremely high professionalism of Visual edge services'.

Karol O'Brien

General Manager 

Willing & Able Foundation Port Macquarie

'Thank you for the work you've done Lisa....It is impressive and unique'.

Shane Graham


'Lisa Christie is a delightful person who possesses a true love and passion for the work she does. She is articulate and has an enviable sense of style, initiative and flare. We have always found her to be professional in her dealings with us and others and we have been extremely pleased with the outcomes achieved'.

Marg and Gary Murcott

Broadwater Gardens

retail design testimonials


“I just wanted to pass on a big thank you for enabling our vision!

I was very impressed with the way you consulted, translated and then demonstrated back to us our concepts. We have been studying one dimensional plans for months, but when you first revealed our new showroom in 3D it was like the realisation of a dream that we have been working on for years. Fair dinkum, it’s like magic!  You must enjoy your job!  you’re a real dream maker!

Our whole team is excited to be working with you on our project and we look forward to building an outstanding retail environment for our customers.

Thanks again.


Chris Gibson 

Work Rest Play Here 

New Build Retail design / training client

'Just like to say, how much I appreciate all that you have done for us here at Lifeline Mid Coast. It has been a rewarding association. Just some additional pieces of info, Lifeline North Coast has had a big increase in their sales due to the shop expansion and renovation, we have had 13% growth for the last financial year and are heading that way for the next, Forster is going from strength to strength and you are a part of that, but that was not the intent of my email to brag how well we are going!'

Kurt Russell

Business Manager

Lifeline Mid Coast NSW

I am writing this letter as a recommendation for the services provided by Lisa Christie from Visual Edge. For the past few years we have worked hand in hand with Visual Edge to assist us and our members with services that have focused primarily on new & existing store layout designs. Lisa has produced modern and practical conceptual floor plan designs that have always meet the brief. At no one time has she failed me, and Lisa has always proven to be highly ethical, always met her deadlines making her a reliable partner to us.

My first engagement with Visual Edge was on a project where we engaged her to present at our National Franchise Conference. Lisa presented the idea of showrooms and best practice design and layout to the group’s members. Prior to this point, most of our members were happy with a design scratched down on the back of an old piece of paper. Lisa certainly introduced a new way of thinking to our group and store owners and since that day Lisa has designed many modern yet practical showroom designs and is now our choice of designer across the group between Australia and New Zealand. Visual Edge certainly brought along good expertise that involved understanding our clientele by spending time with our members and myself to grasp what our key drivers and motivation were and still are today. The feedback and results were phenomenal compared to our previous design partners. It is through the use of Lisa's digital design services that we have been able to transform our business model and, on most occasions, strongly grow our sales and profits as a direct result.

I would like you to consider Visual Edge for showroom design (or any other service needs). I have had a good experience with them over the past few years for the services they have rendered to us. I therefore strongly recommend their services. Let me know if you need any previous working record regarding Visual Edge.

Chris Rehm Operations Manager 

Think Water

07 3209 9400

'Our incredible transformation, from our brilliant logo, tile selection, down to the gorgeous pendant lights were the vision of an amazing person...Lisa Christie. Lisa worked tirelessly with us to help bring our dream into reality. Her creative abilities are endless as is her professional and positive attitude all while keeping budget in mind. We are forever grateful for having worked with this talented interior, graphic and commercial designer and can't recommend her enough for taking on this project and going above and beyond to help keep our stress minimal!'

Janice Saunders

Companion Bakery

'My wife and I have conducted business in Sydney for the past 20 years...The welfare of Lisa's clients is of primary importance and she has been unstinting in giving her time and skills to assist us in our business. Lisa also brings to her work an awesome capacity for hard work and a degree of personal and professional organization that is unique in our experience of the retail world'.

Sue and Allan Gordon

In House Homeware

'Lisa's enthusiasm, skill and project management skills ensured that the project not only achieved the results that we wanted but was completed on time and on budget. Lisa's ability to consult with staff, listen to requirements and suggestions, ad her own perspective and come up with a really workable, practical yet creative solution was outstanding. Her attention to detail, her genuine commitment to and enthusiasm for the project and her on call availability and willingness to listen were critical factors in the project's success. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any project which requires a combination of creative flair and imagination with an ability to get things done and to listen to and incorporate a wide range of views'.

Janet Cohen


Sea Acres Rainforest Centre Port Macquarie

education design testimonials


Lisa assisted St Agnes Parish with the external colour selections at Mackillop College here in Port Macquarie. her ability to listen to the brief, record what is required is outstanding, along with clear and precise documentation and artwork.   

William Penn

Property Asset Manager - Education

St Agnes Catholic Parish

Lisa has provided St Columba Anglican School Port Macquarie with professional advice that reflects our school's vision for achieving excellence . Her capacity to combine visual appeal with practical and agile design has enlivened and improved our school substantially.

Terry Muldoon


St Columba Anglican School

'Lisa, You are the colour queen!'

Leanne Deanshaw

Kempsey Adventist School

The children's response to their library was amazing last week. We even had a 6 year old from Year 1 say how "bright and fun the library was now" and how they loved the new primary camp fire furniture. Parents upon collection of children at the end of the day have also made lovely comments. 

I feel so lucky to work in a building that looks so fresh, modern and new again.

Thank you again for your guidance and advice.


Library Manager

St Columba Anglican School

graphic design testimonials


Visual Edge Interior Design is the brainchild of the "name" Scaramouche! Our branding is better than ever before! If you're looking for a graphic designer or interior designer this is the place to go. With years of experience designing many well known logos, houses and office spaces Lisa Christie is the lady to see. 

Kelly Biddle 



‘Thank you for all your hard work in designing a beautiful & unique logo, business card, postcard and banner for Smooch Cakes. You managed to capture the essence of my business and your by line ‘simply beautiful cakes’ just sums it up perfectly! I have grown in confidence since I began distributing my postcards and business cards. Smooch cakes has developed in the manner in which I had wanted it to, with a clean, crisp image which encapsulates elegance…it’s beautiful!  Thank you once again for making this happen for Smooch Cakes and for making me proud of my business image. I’ve been recommending Visual Edge to anyone who will

listen and will be in touch in the future whenever I have design needs.’

Donna Clarke 

Smooch Cakes


‘I can’t begin to express how valuable Lisa's work has been for me. Investing in a good logo seemed

a little hard to justify at the time, but it has transformed my business! I went from having a home designed, embarrassing business card, to one I am proud to distribute. Lisa's design then inspired me to finish my website and to have signage done on my car. Not only does having a fabulous image affect the way others see my business, but it affects my attitude to my business. I had always thought that success was all about how good you are at what you do, not how good you look, but now that I have a professional image, I realise that it’s both.  I would recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to create impact in business or at home.’

Zoe Pogonowski

XYZ Support

‘I had worked with Visual Edge in recent years on commercial interior design projects. Lisa’s confidence, professionalism and ability to turn concept into reality in these projects made her the only designer on my list when it came time to develop a logo.  Lisa quickly grasped how passionate I am about the brand, the scope I see for it....and how high my expectations are. First take, I could not wipe the smile off my face at the options before me. Lisa had embraced my vision and brought my creation to life while maintaining a nothing-is-too-much attitude and bringing enjoyment to what can be a daunting process. I now have a logo that reflects my passion and vision, is receiving fantastic feedback. ‘

Nigel Sonter



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