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It can be very daunting to choose a colour for interiors or exteriors, so Visual Edge created 'Colour Discovery' to help with the selection process. You're just a few clicks away from finding the perfect colour for your next project. Visual Edge offers professional face to face or on line colour consultations for residential or commercial projects. To book a consultation simply contact us.

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colour selection + specification

As a decorating tool, colour has few equals - it is almost limitless in it's range, and can either pack a punch and steal the limelight or be subdued and unobtrusive. Knowing how to maximise it's potential, particularly as an entire colour scheme will unlock a new decorating world. 

Lisa Christie from Visual Edge has been affiliated and working closely with Dulux Australia since 2007. Lisa has an impressive portfolio of colour selection projects. The selections are completed on site in consultation with the client and carefully documented. Lisa will provide all necessary specification detail and order A4 samples of all the colours for your reference throughout the project. 

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When planning any interior space, especially a commercial one, not only do you want it to be aesthetically pleasing but you also want it to give you comfort and practicality. The best way to achieve those outcomes before a project starts is to produce a 3D drawing of the space.

3D scale drawings of the space can help with in many ways;​

  • Ensures that the space is functional and efficient in its purpose.

  • Peace of mind knowing proper planning has been carried out.

  • A more accurate budget can be the result of this detailed planning.

  • Help s to create spaces with natural flow both visually and physically.

  • Scale drawings will give you a good gauge of the space. It can help with selecting the appropriate size furniture based on the size of the room and will also give you an idea of which placements will work best.

A floor plan in 3D allows the client to see the space for the first time and realise the opportunities of a space. That is, how much furniture they will need, where the focal points are in a space. Where to place artwork as well as other practical considerations. Floor plans and 3D models provide clients with an exact idea of how the finished space will look and work.This service is perfect for restaurants, large scale offices, retail spaces, medical practices and more. 

Spatial planning and design can be provided from any location and can be done as an E-design project. No contact required. Visual Edge has provided this service to clients all over Australia and internationally.


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COLOUR montage - digital overlay of paint colours 

See what the proposed new scheme will look like before the work begins.

Visualisation isn't something that everyone is good at, especially when it comes to large scale projects. Colour montages take the pressure and guesswork out of the project allowing the client to see the result before the work begins.

Choosing exterior colour schemes for larger buildings can be quite challenging and many factors are taken into consideration throughout this process. The right colour scheme could mean a higher value for the owners when it comes to property sales. Getting this right can even procure a quicker sale if the exterior colour provides the right curb appeal and is favoured by prospective buyers. In the same way, a bad colour scheme can have a dramatic affect on sale-ability and therefore affect real dollar value.


Why use this service?

This service is perfect for large scale new builds and multi-residential or commercial exterior colour selection and paint projects. Typically this service is well suited to Strata Managers and body corporate groups and commercial building management.

Property owners and multi residential committee groups in particular are often overwhelmed when faced with the final decision for their exterior colour.

Hiring an expert to make some colour selections is a great place to start. Making that final decision from a possible range of schemes requires exceptional visualisation skills.These skills take a professional designer many years to master after years of experience. If you're in this situation, photo overlays are a great option.

It can be a very expensive and heartbreaking mistake if you decide on your scheme and then you don't like it when the work is complete. Rest easy knowing that all parties involved fully understand what the end result will look like and confidently make a final decision that everyone is happy with.

Is the overlay image colour accurate?

The final overlay is very accurate! The colours are taken from the paint company's own website to ensure that you see a truly accurate representation of the chosen scheme on a photograph of the building. 


A4 samples of all the colours are provided so that you can see the actual colour sample in conjunction with the digital overlay image and multiple options are included in the service if you'd like to make comparisons and vote on the outcome.


'Lisa Christie is a delightful person who possesses a true love and passion for the work she does. She is articulate and has an enviable sense of style, initiative and flare. We have always found her to be professional in her dealings with us and others and we have been extremely pleased with the outcomes achieved'.

Marg and Gary Murcott

Broadwater Gardens

Visual Edge is your exclusive colour consultant for Dulux, Inspirations Paint & Colour & Bunnings Warehouse in the Mid North Coast.

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