LOVE your bedroom.

There are lots of simple and easy changes you can make to your bedroom to give it an instant lift and make it a real sanctuary... adding new bed linen, adding a few cozy cushions or new lamps. However, if you want to take your bedroom to the next level and transform it into an opulent retreat, it’s going to need more thought and attention to create a really special space.

1: Choose a statement bedhead If you do nothing else, invest in a bedhead that brings focus to the bed. It is a relatively inexpensive addition, but the change will be immeasurable – a statement bedhead will give your bedroom a bold confidence associated with expensive hotels or professionally designed spaces. A classic linen tufted bedhead is so simple to work into the space. It will bring buckets of charm and grace to any bedroom.

2: De-clutter your bedsides Cluttered bedside tables piled up with old face creams, phone chargers or unread paperbacks can make a bedroom look messy and unloved. If you are serious about creating a luxurious look, it’s time to take control and turn it into a restful, and useful, bedroom addition. Keep all clutter out of sight in the drawers below, or add a basket underneath for your odds and ends. Then dedicate the top to only beautiful things that add style and charm to your space.

Use larger furniture with more storage to help keep the clutter under control - a chest of drawers can be used as a bedside if necessary.

3.Add stunning lamps

A wise investment for your bedroom; not only will lamps smartly frame your bed and bring you a dedicated reading light at night, they will also create a calming ambiance in your bedroom that bright overhead ceiling lights can’t achieve. Lamps should be large and decadent for best results.

4: Hang dramatic curtains A window adorned with plush floor-length curtains will give the room a lavish feel. If the rest of the room is neutral then the curtains offer a great opportunity to bring some bold colour into the scheme. Curtains add a softness to a room that brings with it romance and comfort. TIP: You can team curtains with a simple blind if you need extra privacy or light control for sleep ins.

You don’t have to choose bold colours to create a luxurious feel; neutral drapes also feel sumptuous and elegant as long as they are thick and flowing.

5: Top the bed with layers of bed linen While some of my clients insist on fewer for practical reasons, If you want a luxurious space, you can never have too many cushions, and this goes for throws as well. To create a lavish bed that you’ll want to snuggle into, layer it with lots of cushions and beautiful throws in tactile finishes like faux fur and mohair. When it comes to styling your cushions and throws...keep it simple.

Soft furnishings equate to comfort especially in bedrooms.

6: Add an ottoman For those of us lucky enough to have the space for an ottoman or bench at the end of the bed, you’re already a step ahead in achieving a luxe-looking pad. It’s a grand addition that will add grace and elegance, not to mention a handy spot for stashing all those cushions at sleep time. However, if there isn’t the room for such a large bench, look out for a couple of smaller, slimmer stools and place them side by side for a similar effect.