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How to 'pretend' you're a tidy person.

If you’re not a natural at putting-things-away, keeping your living room looking comfortably lived-in yet still gorgeous can be a bit of a challenge. But fear not, there are some easy tricks practiced by tidy people that you can adopt to keep clutter under control. Let me show you how:

Keep accessories to a minimum If you’re prone to collecting clutter, stop right there. Stand back and decide on your favorites, then get rid or store everything else. The room will instantly feel less chaotic and you’ll have a handful of objects to put on show.

Group your chosen pieces together in pleasing arrangements, like this room, and resist the urge to add too much more as its easy to return to the old ways.

Hide it all away

Putting clutter out of sight is an easy solution, closed door storage is the best way to reduce on the cluttered look hands down! However, this particular idea does require a rethink of your room and it could cost a bit to implement too. Instead of throwing everything behind the sofa when unexpected guests arrive, invest in fitted or freestanding cabinet storage with plenty of room to stash your mess. Once you’ve settled in to your neater way of life, you can then start tidying the insides of the cupboards too. Small steps…

Have a good shelving system Not only can you put together beautiful, considered displays on shelves like these, but a few interesting curios will draw the eye up the wall (and away from any mess on the floor) far more than if you jam-pack them with all manner of messy, differently sized books. Keep open shelving to a minimum for best results and consider what decorative items you do want on show before you design the space.

Create zones Children are hard to contain, it’s true and every parent wants to interact with their children in the family's communal spaces . But having a home for their toys and can make the thrice-daily tidy a lot easier. Closed storage in your rooms is key when you have kids so that the room can be quickly and easily converted from a play room into an adult space. Good storage and a little discipline is key....

Stack your books A straight line is so forgiving! Lining up and stacking items in perpendicular fashion on your coffee table is a wonderful way to create order. Investing in a coffee table with a shelf creates another level of stash ability too. A solid table with closed storage can hide even more.

If you have lots of books, then it may be helpful to store them in a designated place or on a bookshelf. For best results, place your open book shelf behind you when you first walk into the room rather than in a focal point position or create a designated space which will become a library or reading nook. Introduce a floor lamp and a comfy chair to make it cozy and practical too.

Use a screen - its cheating a bit but that's OK! A screen is a great option if you need to store items that are frequently used and you have nowhere else to put them.

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