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The layout of your home affects relationships.

The way your home or office is laid out affects who you do and don’t talk to. Interior designers. architects and psychologists agree; the quality of a family’s interaction is also affected by your homes layout. It’s all down to how the house works….

Time spent with family is precious. Bonds are made, love is exchanged, hearts are mended, arguments resolved, meals enjoyed together. Intimacy is created and recreated all the time, so if you are renovating, building or buying a new home, this is an opportunity to create an atmosphere that will allow relationships to flourish.

Bigger may not always be better….Up-sizing to a larger home has is downsides. Houses with larger rooms can actually fracture the family as people do their own thing. They can be hell to keep clean too!

Open plan living can limit privacy. For example kids may have to listen to music on headphones so as not to disturb Dad reading the paper and families can become more introspective and disconnected this way.

But it’s not all bad news, larger homes have their advantages. They can encourage family bonding as well as community values by encouraging the family to entertain larger groups of people at home rather than go out.

So a word of advice is to get the right advice in the planning stage……a good interior designer is the best place to start. Your designer can help you with flooring, tile, carpet, window coverings, laminate, soft furnishings and lighting, as well as furniture placement and of course colour selection. Your existing favorite furniture or art work etc can be utilized within your new design so be sure to brief your designer accordingly and give them a feel for your own style.

These design issues and the selections you make for your project will make or break your homes intimacy and in turn affect the quality of your family’s interaction. The secret is in the design and planning.

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