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16 years in business!

YES! Visual Edge is celebrating it's 16th Birthday this month! All kinds of good things come when a sole trader enjoys longevity in their business....

1. Confidence in the work ...they say practice makes perfect right? Confidence and experience also helps to make big decisions easier for my clients and the business.

2. Word of mouth works to your advantage after years in one location.There's no need to market the business as much as before.

3. Loyalty and repeat business. Happy clients come back time and time again.

4. The business evolves and changes into a model that suits your design style. More of the kinds of work that you love comes in.

5. A sense of pride develops and this shows in your self confidence and ability to achieve a great result.

6. Solid contacts and trusted suppliers are ever supportive due to the long lasting business relationship.

7. A natural communication style helps when dealing with clients and trades which has a reassuring effect and ensures a down to earth and honest approach to consultations.

8. More accurate / realistic judgement of time frames and budget allowances through experience.

9. Finally, being in business for a long time makes you a veteran in the industry, and it allows you to give back to the industry by mentoring and helping the next generation with their goals and aspirations.

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