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Focus on decorative lighting- pendants

Decorative Lights can add so much interest and appeal to both domestic and commercial properties alike. There are so many different ways to approach this part of a design project....ahhh, the choices are endless...

Spend Money where it matters!

It's interesting for me to see how people interpret their lighting plans. Lighting especially pendant lights are a great opportunity to express yourself. What a shame to lose that opportunity through fear!

I have seen these lost opportunities when a very small, colourless or very subtle fitting has been chosen where an extra special feature with a bit of pizazz would have done so much more!

Don't get me wrong, subtle fittings have their place too....but not in primary focal points.

What is a primary focal point I hear you ask?

Well-designed rooms often have a focal point — the first thing your eye sees when you enter. Choosing the right item to emphasize sets the tone and mood for a space.

Focal point or 'emphasis' is probably one of the most well-used design principles.

Something that I always consider during the consultation phase is: Where are the focal points situated? This question forms a foundation to create and/or distract focus from an area.

Typically in commercial interior design I find my clients are most interested in highlighting their products, signage or customer service counters, whereas in residential projects design elements such as a light fixture, fireplace, artwork, the staircase, high ceilings, or large windows with views tend to be the focal point.

Pendant lights are treated as focal points when placed over tables or in void entry positions and have the power to create a wow factor that is irresistible. Unless you take up the challenge and have a little fun, the opportunity is lost.


I just installed these globe pendant lights in St Columba's library as a party of a major renovation and I'm loving the way they look! In a school, this is a great way to add a retro educational twist. Situated right above their service counter at the entry, they will make a great statement.


These round hand blown glass lights are in the new Beacon lighting catalogue and I just love them. Simple, a bit understated but very stylish and especially the larger ones look great in situ! They are really only suited to ambient light as you would need to use a filament globe which is very soft and moody rather than a bright light.

Naturally, it would be therefore well suited to a lounge room, near a lounge or in a relaxation space, even a bedroom for best results.

If you need them for practical light, maybe not the right fitting for you.


What to do if you love a light fitting but its too small? Just group them for the wow factor, if your budget allows, buy more of them! See how great it looks above this kitchen island? WOW

The height of each ball is random. Keep it looking organic for best results. I think this is beautiful! This is also an ambient style, not for the professional chef who wants bright light over the counter.


Colour is your friend when it comes to creating don't lose your nerve.

Look how amazing this beautiful pendant light is!! In the white room, it just looks stunning.


Repetition can be used to get a more symmetrical orderly appearance using larger fittings like's a very stylish finish and I just love the almost mirrored transparent finish on these pendants.


With Port Macquarie being a coastal town, many of my clients want a relaxed, casual feel for their homes....Wicker and woven light fittings can really add comfort, flair and coastal appeal SO easily. The trick is, use oversized fittings if your space looks amazing!

Well that's a wrap for me...I've got to get some work done....I hope this little blog has inspired you to use pendants to your advantage. Have fun and remember I'm here if you want to talk about lighting opportunities at your place.


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