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New art is a joy!

I don't often have the chance to paint art work for my own home but feel happy that I was able to get this one together recently. It is a massive acrylic on canvas painting measuring 1800 high and 1500 wide!

original art by Lisa Christie

It sits in a prominent position opposite my front door and I enjoy it every day as I make my way to my studio downstairs.

Art is meant to give you unashamed pleasure and this time, I think I've done it! This one makes me smile and my satisfaction is high on having designed and painted it myself.

I am so often doing commissions for clients. I love my work but letting go of an art work when its done, is sometimes difficult for an artist. Something that was created with your own hands feels special - a part of your history - its personal.

The advice I give to my clients is, don't buy art that matches the decor, buy art that gives you joy....

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