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The Iona Centre comes to life!

St Columba Anglican School dance studio

Well I suppose I am a bit of a fan of the ballet....but this really takes the cake! The Iona Centre which is a specialized arts building designed by yours truly and recently completed for St Columba Anglican School, was a huge highlight for me in 2017.

The IONA Performing Arts Centre features:

  • The 320 seat Black Box Theatre

  • The Libby Baker Orchestral Rehearsal Room

  • Vocal rehearsal studio

  • Drama studio

  • Dance studio

  • 12 practice studios

  • Purpose-built instrument lockers

  • 3 state-of-the-art music classrooms

  • Entertainment industry and technology training spaces

  • Offices, staff room and kitchen facilities

Designing such a substantial building was undoubtedly challenging but very, very satisfying!

I was having a conversation with a colleague recently and realized that I am so blessed to have an occupation that both challenges me and gives me so much joy!

Interior design is a passion for me which spills over into my free time too. After practicing for over 20 years really feels like second nature. I have relaxed (if you could call it that) into my work and I feel more confident than ever.

I was overjoyed to see this image of some students in the dance studio with its crisp white walls and black floor. Not terribly exciting from a designers point of view (with no scope to play with colour or texture) but the scale of the room and the natural light through gorgeous full length windows, the white walls with mirrored panels and simple black curtains create a simple yet extraordinary space for these fortunate young dancers.

Its amazing for me to see a design come to fruition and realize how my work can change peoples lives.

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