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Making the most of your renovation

When renovating, your money should be spent on changes that will provide the biggest 'bang for buck' for best results and within a reasonable budget. Spending money on unnecessary changes could be a big mistake, especially if you are budget conscious, flipping, considering your eventual resale value or trying not to over capitalise.

The most satisfying projects are when the client really listens and acts on the advice you give.

I recently had the pleasure of helping a lovely couple in Laurieton; Heidi and Mark Groves. In just 2 consultations, they were able to completely transform their home without spending a fortune!


'WOW! The transformation of our home has been incredible. We couldn’t be happier with the result. From the moment our consultation started, I could see your vision and we were so excited to get your ideas and recommendations started.

Bringing our home from a tired 80’s style “Federation copy” to a modern and warm vibe has been fantastic, we are so thrilled with your vision. The changes catch our breath every time we come home.

Thank you so much for your advice and professionalism Lisa, you are so wonderful to work with'.

Heidi and Mark Groves


Here's how Heidi and Mark made the most of their project:

>They were open minded to all ideas and focussed on the benefits and outcomes.

> They did the research and some of the labour themselves.

> They listened carefully and asked lots of questions.

> They were responsive and open to change, embracing new ideas without judging too soon.

Initially Heidi and Mark completed a new kitchen utilising my services to discuss the details of the layout and help to select finishes. Their tired old kitchen had a brand new modern look and feel and they were very happy with the result. As with most renovations, once you replace one thing, there's usually a ripple effect, a can of worms so to speak. (you know what I'm talking about!)

It's important to understand that sometimes simple changes can make the biggest difference when you are renovating. I've seen too many people just gut a property when in fact they would have saved a motza and had a much better result if they would have acted with more restraint. Sure some older style homes really are past the patch up and in certain situations it's the only thing to do. BUT, In many situations, a simple well planned renovation can maintain the character and charm of a house while modernising it and saving a fortune!

The second phase of the project for Heidi and Mark is the perfect example of such a situation.We replaced a front door, inserted some screens, moved and renovated some of the furniture, a few new lights, rehung some of their existing art work and did a little clever colour selection to transform the space completely.

Heidi and Mark's home had an old fashioned front entry door with 'pretend' stained glass panels (so popular in the 80's), and then a little entry area with some old fashioned turned posts which was quite dated as you can see below. My suggestion was to remove the arch and have some screens designed to fit the space. The result speaks for itself!

before & after

before & after

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