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The Splashback opportunity

Kitchen splashbacks serve an obvious practical purpose, protecting your walls and cabinetry from moisture, heat and the mess that comes with cooking. But they’re also an opportunity to add a touch of drama and fun to the space. Think carefully before opting for glass or a plain tile, there's so much more out there!

This is an important decision which can make or break the final design.

ceramic splashback

When I see a totally plain splashback with no texture and a very neutral colour, I can't help but feel a little disappointed that the designer of the space missed a precious opportunity. Dare say, when they saw the result, they felt the same way....Here's an image which perfectly demonstrates what I mean. (Not one of mine of course)

There are so many ways you can treat a splash but I seriously urge you to think of your splash back as an 'opportunity' to get a stand out result. Not just in kitchens, but in bathrooms and laundries too.

Planning is key

How do I decide when there is so much on the market?....I hear you ask?

Well It's all in the planning. Like any interior design project, the planning is super important to getting the best result. My top tip is to begin with your floor plan to source the best in tiles. Work on clever tile combinations to get the most out of your project. Look at pairing tiles to achieve a great result using colour to guide you. Use inspiration from nature or from your favourite colours to get you started.

Think of clever floor and wall combinations as well as features depending on your layout and its unique opportunities.

If all else fails, you can always ask you favourite interior designer to meet you at the tile shop or overview your selections to offer guidance (hint).


If you're not entirely comfortable with a bold colour for your splash, then consider a textured finish like the one below. It can really provide the impact that a splash should provide without locking you into a colour scheme. Choosing the right fixtures and light fittings can also provide wow factor as you can see in this example:


Raw brick can sometimes look amazing depending on your style and of course the kind of brick you have. I love how it looks in this example:


I must admit, I've always been a big fan of geometric patterns in splashback designs. Geometry has a way of providing class to any space. I have found that clients are sometimes scared of a bold geometric pattern but some of the best projects have incorporated geometric patterns. I have found that when viewed in a small piece, the geometry looks bolder than when it is in situ and shown in larger scale. Its trickery of the eye that does this. It affects your perception of the result. If you push past this pre conception, you will find a most amazing result.

Oh and by the way, when I say geometric, I don't mean subway tiles! No offence intended if you have them, but I also get a little pang of the ole' disappointment when a subway tile is used. I just think its too common and a rather safe option. These popular options always have a tendency to date quickly too. Good interior designers will stay away from popular mainstream options and always seek a more timeless result for their clients with clever combinations and thoughtful placement.

Grout selection

You might think it's not so important but the grout you choose can have a huge impact in the result so think carefully and always be involved in this decision. Don't leave it up to your tiler to choose. See these examples to demonstrate what I'm talking about....

Well that's it from me. I hope this information is helpful and you know that I'm here for you if you need any design support into the future.


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