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A little colour goes a long way!

A recent paint project at Dales Office Furniture Port Macquarie resulted in a real injection of professionalism for this industrial building. With a showroom at the front and a warehouse at the back, this building needed to be finished, and boy, does a little extra hard work and paint make a big difference! See for yourself....



When it comes to 'bang for buck' colour has few equals and this recent project is the perfect example!

I can hardly believe the difference! The consultation process was very quick and simple and involved only a bit of colour matching and placement advice to achieve a look of continuity with the front of the building.

The Dulux 'Vintage Green', with its dark base is strong and bold, providing a statement for the brand but it is also a very practical colour no doubt reducing the ongoing maintenance. For commercial properties, this is a huge plus with the potential to save many hundreds of dollars annually on pressure cleaning costs alone! Dark colours also reduces the occurrence of water marks and south side mildew staining that often occurs. Dark colours have become very popular for commercial buildings in the past 10 years. Contrary to the name, 'Vintage Green' is super modern and full of confidence when used in this context. The accent colour; Dulux 'Spring Sprout' provides relief and offers a fresh bright and friendly contrast to its dark companion.

Dales Office Furniture has been a trusted partner of Visual Edge since 2001. They have supplied office furniture to many of my clients both commercial and domestic throughout the almost 20 years that Visual Edge has operated in Port Macquarie. Dales is a locally owned family business, operated by Claire Jestrimski and Phil Johnston, an energetic and passionate couple who really know their stuff. Claire with her attention to detail and Phil with his amazing motivation and logistics know how. Well, they just make a great team and I couldn't recommend them more! So if you're fitting out an office or you just need to buy a desk and chair for your home office, Dales Office Furniture is where it's at.

Here's a link: - or go into their showroom at 26 Central Rd Port Macquarie.

I don't want to come across as a hard seller, but it would be neglectful of me not to introduce you to my favourite painter at this point. I have referred many clients to Craig Taylor Painting over the years and he has done the same for me. A good painter understands the value of using a designer for colour selection. We are both closely affiliated with Dulux Australia. I am the local Dulux Colour Designer for the Mid North Coast and he is a local Dulux accredited painter. Of course, he and his team completed this project for Dales Office Furniture.

Again, he is a trusted and long term partner of Visual Edge and we have collaborated on tons of larger and smaller scale projects over the years.

My favourite painter....Craig Taylor Painting Services


All shades of green have become so popular in recent times and variations of green is being included in all the fashion forecast articles that I have read recently. I have found that some clients love green and others HATE it! It's personal....

Which ever side of the fence you sit on, green is psychologically a great colour and worth considering for any design project interior or exterior. The color green relates to balance and harmony. From a color psychology perspective, it is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart.

From a meaning of colors perspective, green is also the color of growth, the color of spring, of renewal and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy. It is the sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living, it restoring us back to a sense of well being.

Green is an emotionally positive color, giving us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally. Green is a natural peacemaker.

I found this old colour study that I did years ago when I studied interior design. It shows a table with a mix of green undertones and is a great example of the variety that green as a single colour group offers.

Amazingly, all of these colours can be considered variations of green!

Here's one of the greens from the recently published Dulux Australia colour forecast:

That's is a wrap! Thank you for reading and I'll see you next time.

Your Designer,

Lisa Christie

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