A great logo and brand solution means great business growth - It's crucial to business success.

To be effective, your brand must be interruptive, credible, unique, and memorable. To capture your target market and make a real bottom line difference, your brand is a deal breaker so be sure to engage an experienced designer for this important stage!


Effective logo design

Effective logos not only look good and get noticed, but deliver a clear and emotive message to your target market. A good brand will also confirm your credibility, increase loyalty and motivate your buyer. A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies in an increasingly competitive marketplace. It's important to spend time investing in, researching, defining, and building your brand. After all, your brand is the source of a promise to your clients. It's a foundational piece in your marketing strategy. 

Once you have a memorable brand, you might want some other marketing collateral to support your new image. Visual Edge also designs brochures, flyers, business cards, self managed websites, banners and invitations......the list goes on!

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vehicle wraps motorhomes

High impact, creative options for vehicle wraps on motorhomes and busses or for business distinction is becoming a sought after service.  If you're wanting something unique and truly personal, Visual Edge can help. 

Lets talk.

vehicle wraps - motorhomes

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vehicle wraps - COMMERCIAL business

Statistics show that vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising available.  The statistics on vehicle graphics and wraps are compelling.One branded vehicle can garnish between 30 and 80 THOUSAND views per day, depending upon the area and routes traveled.

These billboards on wheels also come in handy when the traffic slows down…you may even look forward to traffic jams, as your captive audience searches for anything nearby to keep them entertained.

Your vehicle wrap is ALWAYS advertising for you, 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether parked in front of your store, in a parking lot, even in front of your home, your wrapped vehicle is making impressions constantly.

self managed website design 

Visual Edge specialises in self managed website design. Lisa Christie has been designing beautiful and practical websites since 2009.

All recently designed websites are self managed. Consider the substantial advantages of a self managed site:

  • Easy content updates to keep your site fresh and relevant as well as search engine friendly.

  • Reduce ongoing costs for a web designer to constantly update and make changes.

  • Your site is more dynamic, you are able to keep up with ever changing technology more easily.

  • Centralised media libraries to keep up with your images and important content.

  • You have an active community and ongoing support.

  • Continually access free images for your site.

  • Have a mobile friendly site with or without a blog, shop, members area or subscriptions. (Yes, all the bells and whistles!)

Our web sites are all mobile optimised and have strong SEO optimisation strategy to keep you high on search rankings. 

Click on the button below to send me an email or request a call back and & I’ll send you a quote for a shiny new web site in a jiffy!

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Our skill sets were certainly not positioned to readily embrace the marketing capacity & potential of selling our business services via the internet & social media. Lisa has awoken us from our slumber and this is how she did it;

  • Explained that we were ‘invisible’ to our clients having virtually no online presence.

  • Researched the key words in our industry sub sector which would see the promotion and maintenance of our S.E.O.

  • Gathered the critical pieces of information that needed to go into our online presence.

  • Built the website for us, expertly using images & colour in a coordination that portrayed the strength & professionalism that our business needed to convey.

  • Provided ongoing skills based training sessions, educating us in the editing and maintenance of the website.

  • Explained the need for us to connect to our clients and potential clients through continued posting of relevant news articles to the website and via connecting social media.

Through the whole process Lisa displayed a very friendly and professional manner, but it was her abilities in training and communicating, constantly checking that we understood concepts and reasons behind them, that most impressed me. She moved us through the process from start to finish without causing any pain or anxiety along the journey and for that we are very grateful. It was a pleasure to work with Lisa through this process and she has opened our eyes in being able to see the exciting potential that her work has brought to our business. It is now up to us to continue her good work.

Many thanks Lisa, for your services to Compass Lending. They are indeed greatly appreciated.

Michael Clarke

Compass Lending & Finance

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Visual Edge is your colour consultant for Dulux, Inspirations Paint & Colour & Bunnings Warehouse  in the Mid North Coast region.

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