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Alice Springs - Here I come

Ah! Public Speaking is so much fun! I'll be guest speaking at the ThinkWater conference in Alice springs next week. It's my first trip to Alice should be an interesting change to the usual working week. Working on various retail design projects and retail strategies with Think Water franchise owners this year in Australia and New Zealand has been an interesting and enjoyable challenge for me. I am flattered that they want me to speak at their conference. I have some great information and inspiring techniques to share with the delegates. See my promo below:

If you own or operate a business, you know how tough it is to stay ahead of the competition. It’s vital that you don’t miss out on the revolutionary ways successful businesses are reaching out to customers and winning more business through effective retail strategy. Business owners today are learning how to capitalise on environmental, psychological, and experiential offerings that meet the demand for sustainable, competitive retail environments in an overcrowded market place.

How does small business compete with big business? How do you create a point of difference? Are there any opportunities for you to improve as a retailer in order to increase your sales and profit?

Lisa Christie is a design professional with over 20 years experience in retail design starting her career at David Jones. One of Australia’s most respected retailers when it comes to product presentation.

Lisa is considered an expert in the plumbing and irrigation industry having delivered countless one on one consultations to pump, plumbing and irrigation retailers over the past few years when she delivered a retailer support package for Grundfos Australia.

This workshop promises plenty of lively discussion, thought provoking ideas, participation in the form of activities plus an opportunity for Q and A.

Take the guess work out of your retail strategy.

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