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Experts agree - white is out!

Design experts and industry leaders all agree that white is becoming a thing of the past. Well that's music to my ears! As a creative designer with a passion for colour and eclectic spaces, I couldn't be happier! The white palette which was once a symbol of sophistication is now being replaced with bold colors, textures, and warm tones.

Home design is ever-evolving as homeowners’ tastes change and new technologies develop. One home design trend that will be disappearing in 2023 is all-white kitchens. All-white kitchens were very popular in the past few years, but they’ll start to fall out of favor as homeowners become more adventurous with colour.

As a professional interior designer, I stay aware of the latest interior design trends to ensure my advice remains at the forefront of what others are doing. Many colour and design experts are saying the same thing in recent forecasts - 'white is on the way out'. For the past few years, all-white interiors have been SO popular. But, this trend is losing its luster. All-white everything can feel cold and sterile. Plus, it’s impossible to keep an all-white space clean. In 2023, we’ll be seeing more homes with pops of color and warmer hues , especially in preparation for the winter season.

While white interiors can serve as a blank slate and contour up feelings of serenity, spending time in a place that feels cozy and inspiring is something you may want to consider as you move into 2023. Perhaps we can explore some cozy images to get you inspired....

How do we rework this vanilla palette and transition to colour? It’s been the failsafe shade for years. You might be thinking - It seems impossible that this timeless color could fall out of favor, but with the rising popularity of dark, moody interiors, colour blocking, and now colour drenching – a trend we're still loving – could it be that white walls are over? Well, no – I don't think so. There's lots to be said for exploring colour, but white definitely still has a huge role to play – whether that's to lighten and brighten a room, or to provide a canvas for your impressive art collection.


The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.


What is Colour Drenching?

Basically, it's all about taking one colour in various shades and running with it!

If you have a favourite colour that repeatedly finds its way into your wardrobe and home interiors, you’ll love colour drenching. This new interior trend, which has been gathering popularity is a tonal approach to decor that sees devotees weave through a colour palette employing lighter and darker shades across the same spectrum.

And we’re not just talking paint colours. Colour drenching involves matching your sofa to your walls, as well as your cushions, rug, decorative accessories and wall art. But not in matchy-matchy kinda way. Rather than going for everything in the exact same shade, you need to think tonal. The colour drenching technique can have a very calming effect so don't be too quick to reject the idea....

Here are some examples:


What is colour blocking?

Colour blocking, a technique that involves pairing two or more bold colours together, is a popular trend in interior design. Color-blocking pairs colours together to make high-impact combinations. As long as one of the shades matches an existing element, like the walls, the rug, or the lounge, it'll look intentional, as opposed to overwhelming.

Color-blocking is a design trend that seems to keep finding its moment. With a nod to the '80s and a wink at the '60s, this graphic technique has been easing in and out of style since the 1930s. It's really about infusing joy into the space.

To achieve this desired joy, add one or two bold colors to a neutral room and suddenly everything seems more daring.

If you're looking to reinvigorate a mostly neutral space, use a multi-hued statement detail - like a painting or a large rug. Then integrate accents by pulling from that statement piece, resulting in setup that looks cohesive.

When it comes to color-blocking, a little bit goes a long way. For example, a vibrant rug, a bold set of curtains with banded-color, a lamp as a statement piece, or a simple set of throw pillows in different hues are a great way to sprinkle a spectrum of color into a room. Here's some inspiration:

I hope this helps you at least to start a transition from often lifeless and predictable mainstream design to something with a little more character. Use your favourite things to get started and if you get stuck, you can always call your favourite interior designer for help.

; )

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