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Interior Design - Times have changed!

Having been in the interior design industry for so long now, I've seen some amazing changes to the industry. Most of them for the better.

Competition has never been so tough (thank you reality TV programs i.e. The Block!). The profession is rife with non-professionals, anyone can call themselves an Interior Designer and unfortunately they do. A heads up to look out for the unqualified interior designer or the inexperienced one for that matter...Naturally when you engage a designer, its his or her experience in the industry that you are wanting to capitalize on... right?

Having inexperienced or unqualified designers practicing places pressure on the real pros who add tremendous value to customers by making interiors look fantastic, more productive and solving important operational and lifestyle issues. Experienced designers make decisions based on practical factors and are probably a lot more analytical than their stereotype suggests. Hmmm... Good food for thought eh?

Technology has been moving so fast over the past 10 years but fortunately the Visual Edge studio has kept up on all the changes with proficiency in scale drawing platforms and colour projection technology. These amazing tools allow designers to provide accurate spacial planning images and montage illustrations which help with design, colour selection, furniture placement and decoration. Ultimately they help clients with visualisation which in turn helps them to move forward with certainty. Being able to see the project in 3D before the work begins is most definitely a useful tool and has transformed the design industry unbelievably.

Technology has profoundly impacted the home industry – specifically within the areas of architecture and interior design. Together social media, mobile apps, and digital connectivity are changing the nature of one of one of the oldest businesses in the world.

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