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What's YOUR decorating style?

The way you choose to decorate your home says a lot about you.

No matter if you’re looking to redecorate or are just starting out on your home décor journey, trying to find furniture, lighting, and fabrics that work for your style can be tricky - especially when you aren’t even sure what your style is!

Contemporary, Eclectic, Modern, Traditional, Beach Style, Tropical, Country, Industrial, Scandinavian, Bohemian, MidCentury, Victorian, Mediterranean, Arts and Crafts, Asian...and I'm sure there are a few more but you get the picture....

Discovering your own decorating style is very important and will give you an amazing amount of clarity allowing you to move forward with confidence.

If your not sure of your own style, here's my favourite source inside Pinterest for you to poke around and have a look:

Go on! Get to know yourself a little....

If you discover your own personal decorating style and you need a professional Interior Designer to help you put it all together, why not do a shopping tour? When you are ready to splash out and add that layer of character to your place, its the easiest and most efficient way to get results. Taking your designer shopping locally or on line makes decision making much faster and easier. With over 20 years experience, Port Macquaries own Interior Designer, Lisa Christie can guide you through the whole process at the speed of light.

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