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Don't move - just improve!

Learn how to step back and see your house with fresh eyes so you can achieve a true transformation without moving - you'll save a fortune!

Have you ever decided to list your house for sale then suddenly you see your home with fresh eyes? You may start to notice all the things you’ve happily lived with for years: the grout in the bathroom is dirty, the gutters need replacing and the concrete driveway is falling apart. It’s the reason so many people do up their house for sale to then wish they could stay living there – but you don’t have to move to start afresh, you can do some simple improvements. It will improve your lifestyle and help maintain the value of your home. That's a win win!

Inevitably over time we become blind to our surroundings, marks – or even art – becomes invisible to us and we no longer notice things that visitors would if they walked into our homes.

As a professional Interior Designer I help people see their homes with fresh eyes all the time, give them ideas and inspiration so they can make decisions on what they want to change and how. Seeing your home with fresh eyes is actually quite simple, and the improvements you make (small or large) can change its entire feel and has the potential to change your lifestyle entirely!

Street appeal

Go outside, stand on the other side of your street and look back at your house - look as if this is the first time you've ever looked. What is the first thing you notice? What do you like and what needs improving? Are there any simple fix-ups you could do to increase the curb appeal?

Consider what could you do for minimal investment and maximum impact.

Front door

Walk up to where your front door is and stand there for a little while. Have a look around and try to see your front door with fresh eyes. Does it need a few plants flanking it? Is it easy for guests to find your doorbell and is the area welcoming? Is the door hard to find?

Do you need to clear cobwebs, weed your front garden or paint the door with a fresh colour? Really open your eyes and check it out! Write a list and pay special attention to this area. First impressions are important.

Interiors - walls and artwork

What you have on your walls will be practically invisible to you – you’ve likely become so used to any artwork on display that you no longer ‘see’ them. So take a slow walk through your house and try to see your walls with fresh eyes. Sometimes just moving them or re-grouping them can make a huge difference. Create a montage of smaller artwork. Have some framing done to freshen things up a bit. Frame some family photos and personalise your spaces a bit.

Remove any photos or artworks you no longer love. Straighten anything that's out of whack. Are there walls that need a wipe down or perhaps a touch up? Spend 10 minutes giving your walls a bit of'll be glad you did.


I love helping my clients see their furniture with fresh eyes. Furniture placment is one of the most inspiring changes you can make and I personally find it fun. Most homes I go into have pieces of furniture that are superfluous, Its always great when I can utilize existing furniture or use it in an unexpected way. .... a coffee table, bookshelf or sofa. Sometimes its a buffet that can be converted to a vanity unit or a dressing table with a mirror above. So as you wander through your house, be realistic about any pieces you can let go of so you can enjoy the space in your home. Keep your furniture simple and avoid the temptation to place something in every corner...this only creates clutter and a sense of confusion. Frame your focal points with negative space...(yes that's literally 'nothing').

Do you need to rearrange your furniture so your rooms flow better? Good furniture placement can make a massive difference. Many people go decades with their furniture in exactly the same places, so get creative and see if there’s a new way you could arrange your rooms to open up the spaces.

Garden and backyard

I want you to take a slow walk around your backyard, seeing everything with fresh eyes. Look at your fences, gardens, paths, gates and any toys in your backyard. What can you declutter with the purpose of making your garden or backyard more enjoyable to be in? Are there old or broken garden pieces that can be recycled? Has your trampoline seen better days or do you have flat basketballs in your garden beds? A slow walk around the garden will help you see your outdoor space as though you’re viewing it for the first time. Improving an outdoor space can be very satisfying and has great potential for lifestyle improvement and even dramatically improve your general or mental health.

Once you’ve seen your home with fresh eyes, don’t be overwhelmed with everything that needs doing, just tackle the small jobs first and enjoy the difference that even a few improvements will make.

Need some expert advice with seeing your home with fresh eyes....well you know where to find me right? A good designer can inspire you with plenty of new ideas and inspiration. A pair of fresh eyes may be able to show you where the unique opportunities for improvement are in your home. It's easier than you think to make the most of your most important asset. If you've lived in the same home for more than a few years, you may be missing these important gems.

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